Gourmet Burger Day

All burgers 14.5 

All burgers served with a brioche bun, lettuce, beef tomato & your choice of side

Grilled portobello mushroom, Halloumi cheese & roast green pepper
Venison with melted brie & red onion mayo
Jacob’s Farm Pulled Pork with Emmental cheese
Chicken with melted cheddar & cajun mayo
Pork with blue cheese & basil mayonnaise
Pheasant with cheddar cheese & aioli

Sides: chips, sweet potato chips,
house salad, spiced wedges

Extras £1 each: bacon, fried egg, avocado, onion ring, black pudding, mushroom, chorizo

Butternut Squash Soup 5
bread & butter

Rome with a view 7.5
Campari, Cinzano, fresh lime juice & sugar